Juuso Koponen & Jonatan Hildén

Juuso Koponen (b. 1978) and Jonatan Hildén (b. 1983) are information designers and founders of Helsinki-based design studio Koponen+Hildén. They are visiting lecturers in data visualization at Aalto University and other Finnish universities, and, with professor emeritus Tapio Vapaasalo, the authors of Tieto näkyväksi, the first Finnish-language primer on information design and organizers of the[…]

Timm Kekeritz & Frank Rausch

Timm Kekeritz is a German interaction designer. He has created award-winning apps like Das Referenz and Partly Cloudy, data visualizations such as Virtual Water and Weather Radials, and he has orchestrated large web strategies like the OECD Data Portal. Timm is design director at IXDS. Previously, he founded the design consultancy Raureif in Berlin, and[…]

Javier Zarracina

Javier Zarracina is the Graphics Editor at Vox. He creates infographics, data visualizations, and motion graphics for Vox.com. Previously, he was Graphics and Data Editor of the Los Angeles Times since Oct. 2013. Before he was Graphic Director of The Boston Globe since 2007. Before he worked as Graphic Director at El Correo in Bilbao,[…]

Stefania Passera

Stefania Passera (MA) is an independent designer specializing in legal information design, helping private and public organizations make their documents (contracts, terms & conditions, policies, contract briefs, …) user-friendly, clear, and effective. Additionally, she is currently finalizing her PhD on how contract visualization can increase understanding and collaboration within and across organizations (Aalto University School[…]

Alison Black

Alison Black is Professor of User Centred Design and director of the Centre for Information Design Research in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading, UK. Originally trained as a cognitive psychologist, Alison’s PhD research led into her first explorations in information design, and she has worked with designers ever[…]