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About VK19

Data Sensations.

Visualizing Knowledge’s Topical Abstract

We rely on our senses to evaluate the kaleidoscopic theatre of phenomena around us. Essential to the understanding of our environment is a translation of the external world to our internal experience, performed in concert by our senses. These senses extend beyond only visual perception—we shape textures with our skin, encounter memories with our nose, and appraise music with our ears.

Today, we extend these senses through a myriad of machines and sensors, which simultaneously collect and contribute to the surplus of data that comprises our world. Much of this information remains under-utilized or in its raw form. Only when guided by a certain inquiry can we establish understanding and return patterns in familiar forms.

Further still, one of the most important considerations in information design is the user experience. Which senses are, or could be, involved? How do our senses influence the information itself? Meaningful design should resonate in the senses as much as any other experience.

The subject of this year’s conference is the human senses and their role in information design. Topics under consideration include current and future methods in the use of sensory data, data collection and representation, media considerations, and production techniques.

Conference background

Visualizing Knowledge has been held every year since 2012 in Helsinki, Finland. It was formerly known as Tieto Näkyväksi and organized by Jonatan Hildén and Juuso Koponen from Koponen + Hildén. In 2017, the event became a part of Aalto University and is now organized by a highly motivated team of students, faculty and staff from the fields of Visual Communication and Information Design. The website from the VK18 event can be seen at

The Main Venue

Dipoli, Aalto University, Otakaari 24, 02150 Espoo
Greater Helsinki, Finland

15 min by Metro from Helsinki Center (Kamppi)

Dipoli Otaniemi
Aalto university Dipoli in Espoo, Finland designed by Reima and Raili Pietilä and completed in 1966. Renovation and restauration designed by ALA Architects in 2017.

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Visualizing Knowledge 2019 will take place on Aalto University’s main campus Otaniemi which is situated in the area of Espoo, 15 minutes by metro from Helsinki City Center. Originally designed by Alvar Aalto, the campus offers a unique combination of education, study and business densely packed into this small area.

The conference itself will take place at Dipoli – Aalto University’s main building. The showcase will also be located in Dipoli, directly next to the conference hall.

Image: Aalto-yliopisto/Tuomas Uusheimo