16 June 2023
ONE day conference
Aalto university



visualizing uncertainity

Visualizing Knowledge, a conference, a showcase and workshops, invites you to discuss and explore uncertainty in a new light. Let’s find prevalent questions and explanations through information design and Data visualization to unravel the complexity.

visualizing uncertainity
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visualizing uncertainity

Visualizing Knowledge, a conference, a showcase and workshops, invites you to discuss and explore uncertainty in a new light


Energy and the environment

With the current and growing pressure on energy security as well as energy consumption, how can we use data visualisation to support the conversation and aid greater understanding of these topics? How can we use data visualisation to explain and support these transitions?

Narratives for complexity

Getting meaning from data plays a vital part in understanding the world around us. How can we use data storytelling and scrollytelling to explore and explain complexities and uncertainties? We welcome a breadth of approaches to knowledge visualisation and representation of data.

perspectives on truth and data

Journalism, geopolitics and policy-making all involve complex data. In the light of these turbulent times and in a digital world saturated with information, what do we take into account when representing and discussing current events? In investigative reporting, for example, how do we communicate crisis data? What role do ethics play in our design processes and the data we choose to interact with? How should we change the way we make our design decisions?

demystifying Ai

It is important, now more than ever, to discuss the current and future role of AI in our lives. The growing presence of AI tools for automation opens up new avenues of possibility and potential, but what is our role in approaching and embracing this change responsibly? In envisioning a human-centred AI future, how do we address the biases, ethical concerns and the social implications?

open science

Transparency and collaboration are at the forefront of the move towards open science. Embracing transdisciplinarity and knowledge co-creation, let’s explore the ways in which we can make data visualisation more inclusive and democratic. How can we address the complexities in science and research by shedding light on different perspectives and novel approaches? How can our work as information designers help make scientific knowledge accessible to all?

visualizing uncertainity
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