This year’s speakers at the Visualizing Knowledge conference give an extensive view on democracy. The conference theme visualizing democracy is explored through their broad expertise – ranging from data journalism to health and welfare – and guarantees exciting talks with compelling visualizations.

Speaker announcement postponed until further notice


Federica Cocco


Federica Cocco is a statistics journalist at the Financial Times. She started her career as a fact-checker in politics and specialised in policy: from education to crime, immigration and economics. Federica joined the Financial Times in 2016, after working as a political and data reporter for the Daily Mirror and The Times. Together with John Burn- Murdoch, Federica will invite the VK20 audience to look into the numbers behind the news in a fun and engaging way.

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John Burn-Murdoch


John Burn-Murdoch is senior data visualization journalist at the Financial Times, where he finds stories using data analysis, using words and graphics. Part of the FT’s interactive news team, he works as a journalist alongside developers and designers to produce a mix of long term data-driven projects and same day interactive news stories. Together with Federica Cocco, John will invite the VK20 audience to look into the numbers behind the news in a fun and engaging way.


Jonas Alsaker Vikan


Jonas Alsaker Vikan is an award- winning Norwegian journalist, who since 2012 has been doing investigative reporting. His work has been honoured by several organizations of the Norwegian press, including a diploma from SKUP (the foundation for investigative journalism) and Story of the year from the Norwegian Online News Association. At VK20 he will present his latest work Land of leaks which has analyzed a database of 1,4 billion passwords belonging to people all over the world. His presentation explains how the leaks of this secret information affect society in a world where foreign nations can use computer tools to interfere with elections.


Irene de la Torre Arenas


Irene de la Torre Arenas is a data designer at BBC News, where she is part of the UX & Design and the Data Journalism teams. She works with editorial journalists, developers and fellow designers to create bespoke graphics and interactive visualizations to enhance storytelling for BBC’s diverse audiences. At VK20, she will give a presentation around democratic topics like accessibility, diverse audiences, UK General Elections and uncertainty.