Online conference
27-28 May 2021
Time: 12:45-17:30


VK21 invites you into a collective exploration of democracy and the role of knowledge visualization in democracy. Now, more than ever, the visualization of knowledge plays a vital role in the democratic process.

The two-day online conference VK21 brings visualization experts, researchers, educators, innovators, and enthusiasts together to envision how we can make democracy more visual, and thereby, enabling more people to be informed participants in democracy. We will collaboratively ideate and imagine how data visualization and information design can be utilised to unleash the potential of democracy.

2020 → 2021

Visualizing Knowledge 2021 is based on the grounding work made by the Vizualising Knowledge 2020 conference team and associates. After last year’s cancellation our conference will now for the first time be migrated into a digital platform. We are working in collaboration with a virtual event platform liveto.io to provide our conference guests with an opportunity for networking sessions and dialogue during the conference.


Federica Cocco  

John Burn-Murdoch  

Mollie Pettit  

Sarah Nankivell  


Visualizing Knowledge (Previously known as Tieto Näkyväksi) has been held every year since 2012 in Helsinki, Finland. In 2017, the event became a part of Aalto University and is now organized in collaboration with a motivated team of students, faculty and staff from the fields of Visual Communication and Information Design.

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A history of evolution, in nine editions. #datastories #datajournalismdeadline #statistics #visualization #elections #journalism #informationdesign #democracy


Get to know the people behind VK21 conference. #opendata #opensource

Our work is based on the work of the talented team behind the original Visualizing Knowledge 2020 conference that was postponed due to health and safety concerns relating to the COVID-19.

Rupesh Vyas Information Design Professor
Stella Keppo Student
Federico Simeoni Student
Mihkali Pennanen Student
Strahinja Jovanović Student
Emma Daly Student
Tintin Rosvik Student
Suvi Hyökki Student
Teppo Vesikuikka Student
Sabina Friman Student
Eleonora Rossetti Student
Clementine Rusten Student