Design. Reveal. Act.

Visualizing Knowledge’s Topical Abstract

Across all disciplines – from the realms of politics and journalism to the fields of science and technology – the visualization of data has become a key part in every process that seeks to gain insight and enable transformation. This year, Visualizing Knowledge takes interest in the designers, scientists and journalists who are driving advancement in the fields of data visualization and information design, creating and using visualization in new and unusual ways to reveal issues and challenges through data. They are the modern-day heroes that expose hidden truths, make the unspeakable visible, shame manipulators and educate the public. Through their work, they reveal today's challenges with painful clarity, making them impossible to ignore and turning design into a vehicle for change. As media consumers become more aware of the manipulative potentials of data, the demand for honest data visualizations (and people who create them) increases. Visualizing Knowledge seeks to nourish this desire while serving as a platform for exchange and inspiration.

About VK18

Conference background


Visualizing Knowledge has been held every year since 2012 in Helsinki, Finland. It was formerly known as Tieto Näkyväksi and organized by Jonatan Hildén and Juuso Koponen from Koponen+Hildén. In 2017, the event became part of Aalto University and is now organized by a highly motivated team of students, faculty and staff from the fields of New Media, Sound, Visual Communication and Information Design. The website from the VK17 event can be seen at here: